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Bilder von Bambas home event 22.11.2003

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Frauenstein - top

This is my first geocache that I hid. It was quite a walk to the place that I was told was good. It was cold and foggy. I had a hard time in the forrest to find my way thru the rough. I can only warn people to go there when its frozen!
here you can download a "Garmin Mapsource" file where you can have a look at my walk.

If you like to stay somewhere in the nearby I can recommend the "Landhotel Weingarten" at: N49 01.852 E12 43.422 I've been there from the 22.12.2002 to 27.12.2002. It is a nice, tidy "countryside hotel". If you decide to go there, let them know that Karsten Moos (the guy with the geocache) "sent" you.

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